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I have a fresh copy of Windows 7 installed on my new Samsung 830 128 Gb SSD. When I copy files to or from C drive it prompts me a message if I want to use administrator privileges. For example, if I want to run Photoshop from a shortcut on desktop, I have to right click it and select run as an administrator because my normal account doesn't have rights to modify or execute on the C drive.

I haven't modified the users privileges. Last Windows installation worked on HDD.

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If by "modify or execute on the C drive" you are referring to files in the root of the C drive, then yes, you need admin privileges to change or create files and folders in the root folder. But you should be able to access C:\users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents without problem.

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Yes, actually I didn't test so far that I would have noticed that. I just copied files from root of C and it asked me the administrator rights. Thanks! – MikkoP Jun 18 '12 at 18:04

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