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I'm using RefControl addon for firefox, to avoid sending the referer in the headers.

But now I'm wondering if the previous page or even my full history can be viewed by websites with javascript.

And what about bookmarks?

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Accessing document.referrer via JavaScript while using RefControl gives the same modifed value as in the HTTP header. You can verify this by running alert(document.referrer) in the Web Console with RefControl enabled (and configured) and then with RefControl disabled.

There has never been a official way to retrieve the addresses further down in the history. There are ways to detect if certain addesses have been visited in the past by testing if the browser applies a CSS rule for a :visited pseudo-class - is a nice example - but modern browsers have countermeasures against this.

Bookmarks are not accessible for JavaScript running in a normal web page, so there shuold be no way to get any information.

So the anwer is no.

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