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I have two computers connected using adhoc network. When I open View network computers and devices, I can see the other computers but when I try to access the computers A Network Error comes showing Windows can not access \DEB_PC.
One of my computer is running windows 7 Home Premium and other is Vista starter.File sharing is also on my computer running windows 7 but how to enable file sharing on vista starter edition. In the sharing and discovery I only found the Network discovery to turn on but no file sharing option was there.
Please Help.

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Windows Starter is a very limited operating system, which is why it's free.

It does not accept incoming network connections at all, so you cannot share files with it.

From Wikipedia:

Much like its predecessor, Windows XP Starter Edition, this edition sells in 139 countries such as Russia, Brazil, People's Republic of China, Nepal, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, and Thailand. Microsoft does not make it available in developed technology markets such as the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan (although users can install a 30 day trial-version from the 32-bit DVD).[4][5] Vista Starter has significant limitations, such as allowing a maximum of three applications with a user interface at once, not accepting incoming network connections, a watermark in the corner of the screen, and a physical memory limit of 1 GB. Unlike other editions, a 64-bit version of Starter Edition has not been released.[6] It supports AMD's Athlon XP, Duron, Sempron and Geode processors, and Intel's Celeron, Pentium III processors and certain models of Pentium 4. The usable portion of the hard disk has a limit of 250 GB. Starter Edition comes with some locale-specific desktop wallpapers not found in other editions of Vista.

If you want a free operating system that is actually full featured, and not extremely limited you are going to have to use a flavour of Linux. I would recommend Ubuntu for someone new, although there are smaller even less computer demanding versions.

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+1 Just to put that final point on it Microsoft says "With Windows Vista Starter, you cannot share your files or folders with others on a network. This means that someone using another computer on that network cannot open or view files that are stored on your computer. You can, however, access another computer's files on a network if file sharing is available on that computer."… – Bon Gart Jun 18 '12 at 14:53
yes, that is why I can see other computers(windows 7) file on my computer(vista startre) but my computer files are not seen in other computers running windows 7. – Deb Jun 19 '12 at 4:16

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