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I today noticed a strange Google Chrome behaviour. In the last few days, I visited one particular site let's say very often (work related site). The site is SSL enabled and visiting redirects me to

I was developing and debugging on localhost today and had Fiddler opened. I suddenly noticed request to in Fiddler which redirected to, followed by a series of HTTPS Tunnel requests to (I did not had decrypt HTTPS traffic option enabled in Fiddler, so only got TUNNEL requests without underlying page url).

I noticed the User-Agent header for these reqeusts and they were originating from Chrome. But I did not open site anywhere in the last hour in Chrome. I checked Chrome's history and yes, I did not open that site recently.

Is this expected Google Chrome behavior (some sort of pre-fetching). My version is 19.0.1084.56. My computer is not infected as it's a hardened with a series of measures and the activity itself does not look suspicious.

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Yes, this is expected behavior for Chrome and was apparently added earlier this year.

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Thanks Stephanie, I discusussed this question here also: And got this very useful link: chrome://net-internals/#prerender – r_honey Jun 18 '12 at 21:14

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