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We have a Delphi application running on a terminal server that keeps generating dump files. For the same PID, it keeps creating dump files with an interval of around 1 second until the process is killed manually. Another weird thing is the name of the dump files:


The dump files aren't telling us much and we would like to have a suggestion where we should start looking.

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The problem appeared to be in a component we used to communicate with Oracle. A new version of this component solved the issue.

It looked like the following scenario occurred:

  • An exception occurred;
  • The component tries to perform an action with Oracle;
  • Oracle triggered a minidump;
  • The component retried.


Apparently this issue is caused by a faulty Oracle client. Updating to the latest version of the Oracle client fixed this issue for us.

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Pieter, I'm trying to solve the same problem here. Are you using DevArt components? That's what we use here. – Rafael Piccolo Aug 13 '12 at 18:05
No; it's an Allround Automations component (Direct Oracle access). – Pieter van Ginkel Aug 14 '12 at 8:59

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