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I already have Ubuntu set up as a dual boot with Windows 7 x64.

Is there a way to install VirtualBox and create a virtual machine that points to the installed Ubuntu, so I don't have to reinstall Ubuntu? I currently have Ubuntu on my second hard drive.

This will be my first time using VirtualBox. I have used VMWare Fusion on my prior Macs, so know a little about VMs. Or would it be better to uninstall and start from scratch?

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You can use VMWare Converter to build a VMDK of your Linux system. From there you can import the VMDK into a VirtualBox instance. Detailed instructions are available at SYSPROBS.

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You can configure VirtualBox to access a raw partition or disk. This functionality isn't exposed in the GUI, but shows how to do it from the command line. A Ubuntu install is fairly hardware agnostic, and should boot normally within a VM, If you have any trouble, try making sure the fstab entries are specified by GUID instead of devicename, in case the device names are different between VirtualBox and running directly.

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