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According to the following image (found here) I should have 3 options for Autofit within Word 2010.

Support Word Screenshot

However you can see from my screenshot that I don't. Does anyone know how to enable these extra options? I'm using a standard install of Office Professional Plus 2010.

enter image description here

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The article you linked to says it applies to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, the picture they used (the one you included) was from PowerPoint. When I checked my Office 2010 Pro installation, I had three different windows for each of the programs, and only the PowerPoint one matched the picture you included. I think that you're stuck with the options presented in that window only.

Excel 2010 Screen Word 2010 Screen PowerPoint 2010 Screen

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Ah! Thanks for that @techturtle. Now to find out if I can make a mail merge in PowerPoint... – Matthew Steeples Jun 18 '12 at 19:23

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