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Can anyone recommend hardware diagnostic tools that can be run from a bootable CD?

My situation is I have a machine that I built a couple of weeks ago. I loaded windows 7 RC (64 bit) on it, and it has been running like a champ. Until last night.

Now, I get the blue screen of death soon after reboot. Every time. I get it when I run in safe mode. I get it when I try to repair the windows installation. I get it when I try to wipe the drive and re-install windows 7 using the same cd.

So I'm thinking I have a hardware problem (I'm almost positive). I already swapped out the hard drive for another, and that didn't do the trick.

Before I start swapping out everything else, I thought a hardware diagnostics tool might be a good place to start. And one that run from a bootable cd would be excellent.


Thanks folks!

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I think Hirens boot CD version 15 will work well –  user104598 Nov 8 '11 at 17:40

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One of the best used is Ultimate Boot CD.

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SysClone is a bootable hybrid between the SystemRescueCD and CloneZilla, plenty diagnostic tools included.

although the website is in German, the software is all English.

if you're more comfortable with a windows environment, create your own BartPE CD and include 'portable' diagnostic tools.

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