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Is there a way to perform OS X's swipe gestures using Windows-style mouse and keyboard?

In this case OS X 10.7 runs as a guest inside a virtualization environment. To OS X it appears as if a standard PC keyboard and two-button mouse are attached over USB. These two are the only input devices present.

Edit: I don't mean to perform the same finger movements, like swiping 3 fingers over a trackpad. My question is whether there is a list of standardized keyboard shortcuts, or combinations of keyboard and mouse actions, which quickly does the same as swipes.

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What are you using exactly to virtualize OS X 10.7 ? –  Antoine Lecaille Jun 20 '12 at 17:11
@Antoine: I'm not quite sure whether it helps you to answer my question or not; but the virtualization layer is a VMWare Player 4. –  Jesper Mortensen Jun 20 '12 at 20:30
Unless you have a touchpad with multi-touch support, it won't be possible to emulate it. But I might be wrong. –  Nima Jun 21 '12 at 14:40

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By default:

Move Right One Page: [swipe left] or ctrl +[rightarrow]
Move Left One Page: [swipe right] or ctrl + [leftarrow]
Mission Control: [swipe up] or ctrl + [uparrow]
App Expose: [swipe down] or ctrl + [downarrow]

You can change these shortcuts in System Preferences.app -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts tab.

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There are standard keyboard shortcuts and standard gestures, but you can customize them; in fact, you can turn off gestures completely if you have no practical way to use them. Look in System Preferences for the Keyboard and Trackpad settings.

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