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My ASUS Laptop has UEFI and GPT Paritions running on Windows 7 x64. I've heard a lot about these GUIs. How do I access them? As using the F2 button simply brings up the plain old BIOS UI.

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UEFI doesn't necessarily equate to GUI. My ThinkPad has UEFI but still uses a text-based UI for system configuration. – Wyzard Jun 19 '12 at 0:38
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Unfortunately, if pressing the button at boot that corresponds to the boot settings doesn't show a UEFI bios, then I'm afraid you don't have it. Unless you just recently bought this laptop, I highly doubt that it came with UEFI and assume that you are mixing your laptop with another ASUS model. There is no way to upgrade to UEFI either, as it utilizes too much storage space for a normal BIOS storage to hold.

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Yes, I just bought this laptop and it has UEFI and GPT partition scheme disks. How and which firmware do I flash for the GUI UEFI for my ASUS laptop? – Abhishek Sha Jun 21 '12 at 10:03

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