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I'm building a computer with the following specifications, but I'm not sure if my 430-watt power supply is sufficient.

What would be the minimum size of a power supply that I would need to safely run this computer?

Update I measured how many watts my computer is using and it's around 99-150 watts on average.

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If you don't use a dedicated video card a 350W PSU (from a good brand) sould be sufficient. If you use a dedicated video card depend on his consumption.

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This should be sufficient as long as you don't forgot to mention one (or more) high-end graphics card.

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Try this tool to calculate the PSU size

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Follow your motherboard's Users Manual which recommends a 500 W or greater power supply on page 24. 430 W is not even close.

Also, you need a 24-pin motherboard power connector and an 8-pin processor power connector. It is unlikely that a 430 W power supply will have the 8-pin processor power connector.

By the way, my quick, and very conservative calculations (not using the calculator in the other answer) are about 150 Wmax for everything but the motherboard. The motherboard itself can easily be a few hundred W.

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