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My intent is to have a local port that ultimately forwards to a mysql server on host db.stuff.host.com. However, db.stuff.host.com is only accessible via login.host.com (no root access), and I can't shell in to db.stuff.host.com. So mysql -h db.stuff.host.com works fine from login.host.com, but not my local Win7 computer (ssh is available via msysgit, cygwin, and a GUI program). How can I set things up so that if I run MySQL workbench, say, and point it to localhost:30000, it connects to db.stuff.host.com:3306?

Difficulty: socat and ncat are not and will not be installed.

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This is standard portforwarding if you are using ssh:

ssh -L30000:db.stuff.host.com:3306 user@login.host.com

This says "create a local port 30000 that passes through the ssh session to login.host.com and delivers any data on this port to db.stuff.host.com on port 3306".

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*groan* *punches self in face for being an idiot* –  elhefe Jun 19 '12 at 23:46

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