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I am running rTorrent 0.9.2 and have configured it to move completed torrents to a different folder with this configuration line:

system.method.set_key =,move_complete,"d.set_directory=~/done/;execute=mv,-u,$d.get_base_path=,~/done/"

This is working fine, but I would like it to also move the .torrent file that it creates (from a magnet link into the session directory) into this done directory with the same name as the torrent and a .torrent extension. I tried adding another cp command, but I can not seem to figure out which variable ($d.get_hash did not work) stores the torrent's hash (which is what the .torrent files are named in the session directory). Is there a way to do this with rTorrent, if so how?

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See here, the verbs are there (how to get a basename, for example), you just have to exchange the subjects (i.e. filename commands you intend to use).

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