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I'm trying to create a migration store on a server using Scanstate and this is the error I recieve: C:\USMT>scanstate.exe \(Server_Name)\migration\mystore /f:migdocs.xml /f: migapp.xml /v:13 /f:scan.log

Failed. An error occurred processing the command line. scanstate.exe \svdataitfl1\migration\mystore ##ERROR## --> /f:migdocs.xml /f migapp.xml /v:13 /f:scan.log Undefined or incomplete command line option

ScanState return code: 11

I can't seem to find the answer to this...need some help.

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read scanstate Syntax rules, log files are preceeded by l (lowercase L) and config options preceeded by i, the f option doesn't exist for what I can tell so try

scanstate.exe \(Server_Name)\migration\mystore /i:migdocs.xml /i: migapp.xml /v:13 /l:scan.log
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