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I am trying to process some data in Calc. One of the steps involve finding if a certain string is part of one of the column. I tried using FIND and SEARCH functions. Both behave in the same way and I am not getting correct results.

E.g. Say I have following strings in Column A


and am trying to put following formula in column C


The result is - cell C2 will have 1 (which is correct) but if the same formula is copied to other cells in column C - it gives me "#VALUE!" error and I am unable to find out why ?

Any one has any ideas?

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The result #VALUE! is the default result if the search failes (see the Calc documentation on the SEARCH function). Since all other strings don't contain "NY", that's the correct result for those cells.

I assume you mistook the resulting "1" as a "boolean" result, whereas a failed search would result "0". But this isn't the case. The aforementioned documentation has some examples involving ISNUMBER and ISERROR to evaluate the result of the SEARCH function.

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Firstly, if you want to search for a text in multiple rows/columns you need to give a range of cells, not just a single cell: A2:A6, or, better $A$2:$A$6.

Secondly, when you copy paste or translate one cell formula to another the $ counts as a constant coordinate. Let's say you put the formula in C2. That copied to C3 will give =SEARCH("NY",A3). If you copied that to D2, the value would be =SEARCH("NY",B2).

From what I read in Libre Office's help, FIND and SEARCH functions search for a text within another text, and I guess it matches the value in the first line of the range you give. So these functions don't do what you expected.

I did some research (trying different things), and it seems your best bet is using MATCH function to check if a value exists in a range of cells and OFFSET to get the value printed and not the index in the range.

=OFFSET($A$2; MATCH("SF";$A$2:$A$6; 0) - 1; 0)
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