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VMware's download site is very frustrating. I am unable to find where the download link to the vSphere client is.

Did they rename this tool? How can I get it?

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I found someone's blog who had the same problem. He points to hardcoded links to VMware's clients:

vSphere v4.1

vSphere v5.0

vSphere v5.1

vSphere v5.5

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This is now outdated, as is the blog. Mengdi's answer below links to the official VMware KB article. kb.vmware.com/kb/2089791. –  hajamie Apr 24 at 12:33


If you have installed VMware ESXi server, you can manage the ESXi server using vSphere client. vSphere client works only on Windows host. If you don’t have vSphere client installed, download it from your local VMware Server home page. i.e go to http://{your-vmware-server-ip} to download vSphere client.

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I read this too, however the server has a webserver running so these requests simply get forwarded to apache. I've downloaded the client direct from them before...I just need to do it again :( –  OnResolve Jun 20 '12 at 16:19
That should be http://{your-esx-server-ip}/ and not any of the host's IPs. There's also a slightly more canonical reference. –  Ladadadada Feb 23 '13 at 21:50
That only provides a link directly to the same version as the ESXi host which is likely older than current. My ESXi host version is incompatible with Windows 8.1 that I was trying to install it on. –  BeowulfNode42 Nov 28 '13 at 13:36

VMware now (since 2014-12-15) officially provided a page listing all download URLs for vSphere Client:


The latest version is VMware vSphere Client 5.5 Update 2 / VMware-viclient-all-5.5.0-1993072.exe

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Some of the links referenced in these answers and on other blog posts did not match the same version of vSphere that I had installed.

If you want to ensure that you are downloading the same client version as your vmware vsphere ESXi server you can navigate to that servers "VMware ESXi Welcome" page in your browser. You'll need to be inside the same network.

Example: http://{your-esx-server-ip}/

You should see the "VMware ESXi Welcome" page. Then click on the link that says "Download vSphere client".

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As others have explained. "That only provides a link directly to the same version as the ESXi host" which isn't likely the most current version released at the time. –  Ramhound Jan 21 at 12:50
In this case, I wasn't looking for the newest version. I wanted the same version the VMware host was using. The client to host version mismatch was causing connection issues in my case. –  Joseph Snow Jan 21 at 16:45
The author based on his comments was looking for the most recent version. –  Ramhound Jan 21 at 16:56

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