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Normally, in Mac OSX Lion, you can delete words or even a whole line by holding option or command and pressing delete. However, you cannot do this in Netbeans IDE for some reason. Is there a way to enable all of Mac's modifier commands for Netbeans IDE?

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Cannot reproduce. Option and Delete delete a complete word for me (10.6, NetBeans 7). In fact, my NetBeans respects all common OS X shortcuts, only the Emacs bindings don't work. – slhck Jun 20 '12 at 19:40
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That particular one (CMD + DELETE deleting 1 character) always bugged me. Finally got around to fixing it today:

  • Preferences
  • Keymap
  • (Profile: Netbeans)
  • Search: delete
  • double-click the shortcut column for "Delete Preceding Characters in Line"
  • press CMD+DELETE (it will show up as Meta+BACK_SPACE)
  • OK

Haven't run into any others myself, glad to finally fix this one though.

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