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Few months ago I setup various filters for my emails so that I could move my emails to different folders according to their sender-email/title etc. this installation was on my Windows partition. Somehow my installation is corrupted and I can't boot into Windows anymore but I'm using thunderbird on ubuntu and I want to import these filters I created so I don't have to rewrite them all.

So the scenario is:

  • A corrupted Windows installation (Doesn't boot up but I can access the files on the partition) with thunderbird and filters.
  • An Ubuntu distro with thunderbird but no messages filters.

Where does thunderbird store these filters on Windows and how can I import them to the Thunderbird installed on Ubuntu?

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The message filters are in this file: msgFilterRules.dat Just copy it into the new profile. You will probably have to make some adjustments to get them to work properly.

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Thanks, it worked flawlessly... – Nima Jun 20 '12 at 20:17
You are welcome! – George Jun 20 '12 at 20:40

In addition to what George said...

I am not sure what the file path would be in windows, but when you copy it over to Ubuntu, it will go here:

<uname>@<hostname>:~$ sudo find / -iname "msgFilterRules.dat"
/home/<uname>/.thunderbird/<random-chars>.default/Mail/Local Folders/msgFilterRules.dat

Hope this additional information helps others.

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Took me a while to find it on windows so this might help someone:


<profilename> is usually random gibberish.

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