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On Windows XP, is there any way to get back original fonts? I uninstalled a bunch of applications now my browser and other applications are missing fonts and displaying the current ones incorrectly.

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You will need a Windows XP CD to complete the following:

Method 1:

  • Make a new folder, something like C:\Fonts
  • With the XP CD in, type in the following lines, followed by enter after each line (replace D with your CD/DVD drive letter that has the XP CD):

    expand -r D:\i386\*.tt_ C:\Fonts\*.ttf
    expand -r D:\i386\*.fo_ C:\Fonts\*.fon
  • Select all fonts in C:\Fonts and copy them to C:\Windows\Fonts

  • When asked to overwrite, select "No To All" to ensure new fonts from installed applications remain installed

Method 2:

Perform a repair:

  • Go to Start -> Run
  • Type sfc /scannow and press enter, this will replace/fix files that have been altered since the install.

There is a list of fonts packaged with XP here.

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