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I installed the release preview of Windows 8, which comes with Internet Explorer 10.

IE10 has been endowed with a spell checking Feature, which is active while I write this text.

As a matter of principle, I disable spell checking anywhere I go. I simply hate spell checking. I know better than the spell checker. (And when not it doesn't matter.)

This is all the more annoying as I write in several languages and the spell checker only does one language (German, in this case), and then even in the new and wrong spelling, not in the old an true one. How can I disable this?

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Without changing system files again, a third-party program that did the job for me is WinSpell: http://www.winspell.com/home

All official and standard and normal ways of disabling spell correction did not work. (But it seems many people do not understand what I just wrote here.) And I did not feel like messing around with system files again as these are circuitous to edit.

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To disable spelling correction in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7:

  1. Go to Tools → Manage add-ons

    screenshot 1

  2. Under Spelling Correction, uncheck "Enable spelling correction"

    screenshot 2

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The proper solution is to disable spell checking (Rechtschreibprüfung) in the System Settings (Systemsteuerung) going via the new Metro Settings and clicking on "Allgemein". In English, that pane appears to be labeled "General". See screenshot below.

Disable spell checking / Rechtschreibprüfung aus

Note about old and new spelling in German: Wer die Prüfung behalten möchte, aber die alte Rechtschreibung lieber mag, der kann dies in folgendem Pfad in der klassischen Systemsteuerung einstellen:

Systemsteuerung\Zeit, Sprache und Region\Sprache\Sprachoptionen

enter image description here

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this answer was not helpful, I don't speak german. –  Ender Oct 11 '13 at 23:10

Windows 8 has a system level spell checker. The only way to disable it is to kill the process.

enter image description here


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Thanks! Killing is the process is an option, but not the best one. At the bottom of the blog post you referred to, there is an answer by one Michal Altair Valášek who points at the proper solution, which I have detailed in my answer. –  Lumi Jun 21 '12 at 10:08

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