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Something went wrong while I was attempting to restore a backup, and KDE System Guard ceased to display properly.

This is the correct display (command running from root: kdesudo ksysguard): [Image of proper display of KSysGuard]

This is the incorrect display (command: ksysguard): [Image of improper display of KSysGuard]

Here in the incorrect display, the menu bar is missing, and the tab "Process Table" is unclickable.

I have already tried to remove the directory ~/.kde/share/apps/ksysguard/ but to no avail.

My question: How do I restore KSysGuard back to factory defaults/normal functionality?

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you can open ~/.kde/share/config/ksysguardrc and set the MenuBar to 'Enabled': MenuBar=Enabled

if this variable is not present, the menu should be visible by default.

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sudo apt-get remove --purge ksysguard to remove all installation files; then reinstall with sudo apt-get install ksysguard. For example dpkg -L ksysguard shows that there's config settings in /usr/share/kde4/config/ksysguard.knsrc too (for me on Kubuntu).

However this error looks a bit more weird to me - it may be that you've somehow managed to make a setting in the window manager that is affecting the display of the ksysguard window - perhaps altered the window type setting?

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