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I have become infected with the Personal Guard 2009 malware. How do I get rid of this pest?

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There is one more removal discussion here.

And, I wondered, if RevoUninstaller would work on this...
But, there is this other discussion that surprised me (suggests using RootRepeal).
If you choose to try RevoUninstaller (or have already done so), do tell us what happened.

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Take a look on how to remove Personal Guard 2009.

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After you follow the above instructions, grab the tool about midway down on this page SmitfraudFix and run it in safe mode. Another tool is "Combofix", but it's licensing specifically states that it is to be used only with instructors on a specific forum.

Before you do anything, clear all temp files using ATF Cleaner or CCleaner. Two reasons for this: 1) It makes it easier on cleanup tools, 2) many rogue installer files live in temp files directories.

Also - run a scan with MalwareBytes. This will clue you into any other problems. Both MalwareBytes and Combofix will also clue you into a rootkit infection - if that's the case, let us know. Rootkit cleanup is a little more targeted.

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