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When using LibreOffice on a mac, I can only set the cell font style of a hyperlink that has been visited (opened in a browser). I cannot set the font style of a cell that has an 'unvisited' hyperlink.

How can I do this?

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There are different options, depending on your needs. You could use a custom cell style only for cells containing hyperlinks, but you will have to assign that style manually or using a macro.

Another way would be to use Conditional Formatting. With conditional formatting, you could check either for the cell text starting with "http", for example (using the LEFT function). But this works only if you're using the URL as link text.

Another approach would be to insert hyperlinks using the HYPERLINK function. This way, you could use conditional formatting again, checking if the current cell contains the HYPERLINK function with the help of the FORMULA function.

All those approaches aren't really straightforward, but they may work as a workaround.

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