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I want to limit the download speed for some temporary time and then make it unlimited again. Scenario, I dont want the Transmission to take all bandwidth while surfing for 5 minutes. I wish to use Transmission CLI because I want to automate the whole process.

This is how I add the torrent file.

transmission-cli ~/Downloads/572403AA8726F9519C3897766B32F56C421681A4.torrent

But to limit the download speed. First I have to do CTRL+C to pause the torrent And then

transmission-cli -d 30 ~/Downloads/572403AA8726F9519C3897766B32F56C421681A4.torrent

to limit the speed.

Does anyone have a cleaner solution to this.

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Instead of using transmission-cli directly, run Transmission as a RPC server. transmission-daemon was created for this, but the GNOME Transmission app will work too.

$ transmission-daemon -g ~/.config/transmission

(An useful option is --watch-dir ~/Downloads, which automatically adds all *.torrent files found.)

You'll be able to use transmission-remote to control the server – add torrents, pause/resume, adjust speed:

$ transmission-remote --add ~/Downloads/*.torrent    (-a ...)
$ transmission-remote --downlimit 30                 (-d 30)
$ transmission-remote --no-downlimit                 (-D)

Transmission also has an "alternate speed" mode:

$ transmission-remote --alt-speed-downlimit 30       (-asd 30)
$ transmission-remote --alt-speed                    (-as)
$ transmission-remote --no-alt-speed                 (-AS)
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after transmission-daemon and then transmission-remote --add ~/Downloads/*.torrent it gives the error. Unexpected response: <h1>401: Unauthorized</h1>Unauthorized Useroded – Vincent Vettukal Jun 21 '12 at 11:08
Try killing the daemon and restarting with -T option. – grawity Jun 21 '12 at 11:10
Did that, killed all process with the Transmission too. Didnt work out. Going to restart the computer and try again. – Vincent Vettukal Jun 21 '12 at 11:17
Tried it after restart. Still giving the same error. Maybe cli is default port is not the one on which Daemon is working – Vincent Vettukal Jun 21 '12 at 11:33 Got this link. Talks about authorization to use Daemon. But could not set up the Web Client from GUI too... – Vincent Vettukal Jun 21 '12 at 11:55

The only way to set a download limit is to declare it at first using the -d option. You can't temporarily set a downlimit while downloading without stopping and starting the process again.

If you can, use transmission-gtk which has the Alternative speed limit option and you can activate/deactivate it by a button.

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