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I am working in Open Office Writer 3.3.0 and I have come across something a bit odd. When I write a semi-mathematical formula my "-" gets replaced by a "–", a slightly longer dash, and I cannot seem to turn it off in the autocorrect. I am not sure how to. the dash "-" does not appear in the autocorrect table of any language, whereas double-dash "--" does.

Any ideas how to disable this?

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It doesn't appear in the Replace list, because it is an option on its own.

To disable it, go to

Tools -> AutoCorrect Options... -> Options

and uncheck Replace dashes.


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Oh brilliant! Thank you! – Sier Bahnn Jun 21 '12 at 19:59
This just saved my life. – Moss Oct 10 '14 at 16:50
Why would they do this in the first place, why! – Dan Walmsley Feb 1 at 2:12

I suggest a temporary solution to avoid this whenever it happens. Press 'Ctrl+Z' to undo changing the 'dash'

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