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I was setting up my girlfriend's laptop for her and I thought I would use a cool Windows 7 theme I found on DeviantArt.

I got a nice clean looking transparent theme. The problems is: Google Chrome stands out a ton!

Is there any way I can make Chrome follow the other Windows theme?

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Right click in the top left corner next to your tabs. Click Use system title bar and borders.

Or use Chromium.

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What does Chromium do differently? – slhck May 28 '13 at 21:29
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All you have to do is remove the theme_frame line from the Chrome theme's manifest file.

Here is a brief YouTube tutorial on how to do that.

However, once you have followed the steps in that page you need to reload the theme, this is what confused me earlier. To reload the theme (in Chrome) go to Settings » Extensions » Load unpacked theme.

That will open a dialogue box. In that box select the folder that the manifest file is directly inside of.

Now your Chrome theme should match your Windows theme!

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It doesn't work for me, just reverts it to the default not-the-Windows-standard-settings look. – Henning Makholm Jun 22 '12 at 17:17

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