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i read that usb devices should be auto-mounted in cygwin to their drive letter, such as /cygwin/g but that isn't happening for my damaged USB drive. i am trying to clone it using ddrescue. ideally i could run this from windows so that I can still have access to my computer instead of from a rescue disk, since i expect the clone of a 450gb to take days.

disk management recognizes the drive as physical disk #2 and assigns it a drive letter G:/

how can i mount this drive in cygwin so that i can image it?

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If Windows has assigned drive letter G to the device, it should be automatically visible in Cygwin (i.e., a Bash shell) at /cygdrive/g. If that isn't working, it is likely a result of the damage to the USB drive.

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i thought that might be the case, but was hoping there was a way to mount the physical drive some other way. :/ – helgatheviking Jun 21 '12 at 18:04

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