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Currently, I have two folders on my desktop, Real Folder 1 and Real Folder 2. I also have a shortcut to "Real Folder 3" on desktop.When I launch a program, the following browsing window comes up:

program window

The shortcut to Real Folder 3 does not show up in this standard windows control. Is there any way to tweak the shortcut to make it behave like a normal folder so it will show up in this browse for folder dialog?

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Yes, you want to look up making a symlink using the mklink utility to create a directory link from Desktop\Real Folder 3 to wherever Real Folder 3 is located. Symbolic links (symlinks) are easiest imagined as virtual folders or files.

There are other questions on [SU] which detail how to create and manage symlinks:

Is there a ln symlink command in Windows 7

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