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I use Outlook 2010.

I am using a script that takes a e-mail to a certain address and converts it to a ticket through our ticket system. I created the script through the Developer tab in Outlook.

I tried making a rule that uses this script on all incoming mail, but when i go to select the script in the rule creation I have none in my list.

Does anyone know where I need to save the VBA script for it to show up in my list of choices?

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niton is correct. For more details on this (because I just read the Microsoft Support article), check out KB Article 306108. Basically, if you want to use a script in a Rule, the script must accept one argument because the Rules Wizard will pass it one argument. Also, the argument must by of type MailItem or MeetingItem, just like niton has above. If you have anything else in your script, it will not be available to the Rules Wizard.

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Save in any module. The first line should look like

Sub RunAScriptRule(MyMail As MailItem)

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