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I have a computer running Windows XP Home Edition SP3. To run a script I've developed that automates printer installations, I need to make some changes to the user group so that limited users can run Microsoft's DevCon.

Here's the option I'm asking about from Windows XP Pro: gpedit.msc isn't available and if you side-install it there's no option to change security settings, it's just missing.

User Rights Assignment from XP Pro I want to give normal users the right to Load and unload device drivers, among other things.

How can I do this?

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There's no way to do it using the console like you've pictured on Windows XP Home Edition. As you've found out, even after installing Group Policy Editor, if it's run on Windows XP Home Edition, Windows Settings will only have Scripts (Startup/Shutdown) unlike the picture shown.

To make these changes (and also to apply rights to groups you've created in XP Home) you need NTRIGHTS.EXE from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools.

This will allow you to Edit user account and group Privileges from an administrator account Command Shell:

The same options presented in

XP Home Command prompt example

XP Pro Windows XP Pro example

Just run ntrights /? to get the whole list of available options.

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