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I have looked far and wide for a password manager that meets my needs. LastPass is pretty close but it only stores URL passwords. I am looking for a cross-platform, cloud or USB-based solution that can log into desktop applications. I would also like there to be a USB secondary authentication method for stronger security. Here is the definitive must have list: - cloud or USB-based database (cross platform) - secondary USB authentication (program can reside on USB for example) - autologin (like LastPass), not Auto-type like KeePass does where you have to go and find the password in a list, right-click and select Autotype... this is cumbersome. - password generation and password change detection (like LastPass)

nice to haves: - Windows Phone & iPhone compatible - Free

The ideal scenario I'm looking for is whether I'm at home on my Mac, or at work on my PC, having inserted a USB drive into these computers, I only have to type a master password in and this "?" program will autologin at each application authentication prompt or form-fill username and password on any website (that I've stored in the database of course).

To be clear, KeePass or solutions like it that require copy/pasting a password from a database are not what I'm looking for as I think they require too much manual involvement.

Basically, I'm looking for LastPass functionality but including desktop app password management and USB secondary authentication.

Am I asking for too much? Possibly. To anybody that can help - thanks in advance!

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