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I am running OS X Snow Leopard with both Flash Builder 4.5 and Eclipse Indigo as separate installs. Flash Builder has completely taken over anything I associate with Eclipse. I do a lot of ColdFusion development. Sometimes I have to open single files from a system directory or over FTP (not in a project basically). 99% of the time I try to do this, Flash Builder opens instead of Eclipse.

Additionally, changing file associations never sticks. I will select the .cfc / .cfm file, open File Info, change the Open With dropdown to Eclipse (which I have to browse to manually each time and change the "Reccommended Applications" dropdown to "All Applications"), click "Change All", open the file and only sometimes it works. Regardless, the next file I open will be right back to Flash Builder.

Even crazier is sometimes I will choose Eclipse from the association dialog, press "Add", and Flash Builder shows up as the application I chose. It's maddening. No matter what I do, Flash Builder takes over.

The only solution I've found is to drag the entire Flash Builder application folder to the Trash, open the file I wanted, then (hopefully remember to) take it out of the Trash before I delete it by accident. It's ridiculous.

I've done lots of Googling and haven't found anyone else with this issue, but I imagine there is some config file sitting somewhere which is causing the system to think Eclipse is the same thing as Flash Builder.

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If you were to reinstall ColdFusion Builder now, it should fix the coldfusion file associations. If your using pure eclipse and not coldfusion builder, then I don't believe it has any file associations.

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I'm using a pure Eclipse install, not ColdFusion Builder. Would that make a difference? – MisterCrow Apr 2 '12 at 18:16
I didnt think pure eclicse did file associations. – Dale Fraser Apr 2 '12 at 23:50

I had the same problem with Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 on Mac OS X Version 10.7.5. My particular problem was with .tex files which were recognized as MXML files. In my case I had to remove the MXML file association from Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 settings as follows:

  • Preferences > General > Editors > File Associations > File Types

  • Select .mxml and Click Remove - Select OK and close Adobe Flash Builder

  • Change file associations in Finder with the Command-I -> Change All routine and now the change should stick

What's more when you re-open Adobe Flash Builder .mxml is still there and this does not affect the file associations in Finder (most likely the launch services database is rebuilt).

For other file-types you most likely would have to inspect the given file with Command-I to find out which "File Associations" to remove in Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 settings.

Hope this helps.

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Doing the full reinstall seems to have fixed it, but definitely not an ideal solution. I have a feeling I will run into this problem again in the future and I will try out this solution first. Thanks! – MisterCrow Nov 21 '13 at 19:28

Pure eclipse does not have file associations on OSX. use a real OS if you want to associate files with random executables.

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