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I've recently installed Arch linux and I'm using Syslinux as my bootloader. I'm using the following option to attempt to boot Windows on a separate disk to the disk Syslinux is on.

LABEL windows
    COM32 chain.c32
    APPEND hd1 0

However, this isn't working because when I select Windows, it just loads the Syslinux loader again.

This should work, I have these disks:

Arch Disk  Primary Master (HDD-0)
Windows    Primary Slave (HDD-1)

And the Windows Disk has only one partition; the one Windows is on..

I know I've missed something simple so could someone please help a noob? Thanks

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Syslinux counts hard drives starting from 0 and partitions starting from 1.

LABEL windows
    COM32 chain.c32
    APPEND hd1 1

Also, if the COM32 chain.c32 doesn't work, try using KERNEL chain.c32 instead.

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