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I downloaded android-x86-4.0-RC1-asus_laptop.iso from and installed it in a VirtualBox virtual machine.

It all seems to work, but I can't seem to get the wireless to work. The desktop hosting the guest android installation has a wireless internet connection.

Anyone know how I can get the wireless within the guest os to work?

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For Android x86 on VirtualBox, the eeepc iso should used as mentioned on their site. Make sure you setup everything as specified on the website. Also when you run Android x86 with eeepc iso, The internet is connected but Wireless is not connected, Under android, if will show that wifi is not available/disconnected (Depends on hardware config).

And also Android 4.0 as x86 is just in RC, it have some problems. Try using Android 2.3 as x86 for the best experience. Still you can use Android 4.0, if you want to just try it.

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