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I use Pidgin, XChat and MonoDevelop on my windows 7 machine. Since a year, more or less, im not able to type quotes: " becomes ¨ ' becomes ´

I've finally started to get really pissed at this problem and i wanted to fix it. Ive spend some time on googling for a solution and the closest i got was How can I type "ç" in Windows GTK apps?. I have changed these system variables and even manually changed the input methods but without success.

Whenever i change it to Cedilla the quotes are still the same ( ¨ instead of "). When i change it to Windows IME i dont get characters at all (typing " will not even get me a character, not even a whitespace). All other characters (a b c d) do appear.

Im sure im not the only one facing this problem and i hope someone else has found a working solution.

Many thanks in advance! Roberto

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You are definitely not the only one and it's quite annoying, especially if you're typing in a language that frequently require those characters (and that includes English). Strangely enough i don't remember this bug happening on Windows 7. Only Windows 8. – user2621864 May 21 '14 at 10:22

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