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I am looking to do some Windows 8 development, as you may know they ethos is "touch first".

There is a built-in simulator that I can use in Visual Studio but I would prefer to use some real hardware. I currently own a Galaxy note (Android phone / tablet), and was wondering if could use that as an input device.

Preferably I would like to be able to clone my desktop to my note and be able to control it there via multitouch.

If this is not possible, I would settle for the ability to simply use it as a multitouch touchpad.

Anyone know how I could go about this?

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You can use any android device to emulate multi-touch on windows 8 , here is how you will do it :

  1. Install this on your android device :

  2. Install EcoTUIODriver by Interface Ecology Lab on your windows 8 machine :

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There's : Win8 Metro TestBed from Splashtop

But my device is not supported and it runs slow apparently.

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You can use the free DroidMote Client on your android device:

And install the free DroidMote Server on your Windows 8 pc:

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