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What's the best way to share certain passwords that are stored in a Keepass database?

For example, I want to share certain Banking Passwords with a family member, but I don't want to share my work passwords (or my personal Keepass database password)

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I usually just create different database files and share them with a Dropbox link. Having two different files with two different random keys. I'm using version 2.09.

I have a "personal.kdbx" database that has all my personal stuff and a "company-name.kdbx". I usually use the "key file" option to open the databases since it's easier to the people I share with to copy it to an old usb drive and say "this drive is needed to open the passwords in the file, DO NOT lose this flash drive".

I don't know if this approach is a good one to your scenario, I think you're looking for some kind of "groups permissions" in a single *.kdbx file. I dont think this is possible. I havent seen this option in keepass website or documentation...

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I work voluntarily on various IT related projects, where we are groups of people that share passwords, and the different groups all share their own KeePass databases via Dropbox. All users are then required to have a personal KeePass database wherein the key to the shared databases are stored. This allows us to have a very secure password on our shared databases, but also requires that the different users also use secure passwords for their private databases.

This process is then simplified further by this neat "trick" I found on the KeePass forum (slightly modified/improved):

  1. Create an entry in your personal database with the Password for the shared database
  2. On the advanced tab create a field named "DbPath" and with the value of where the shared database is located.
  3. Set the Url value to: cmd://"{APPDIR}\KeePass.exe" "{s:DbPath}" -pw:{PASSWORD}
  4. Now, when you want to open the shared database, mark the entry and press CTRL + U.

Hope you find this approach as useful as I did. :)

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The trick is really lovely, @Johny Skovdal! –  LIttle Ancient Forest Kami May 12 '14 at 14:41
Glad you found it useful :-) @LIttle –  Johny Skovdal May 12 '14 at 14:46

Keep two separate databases (for your Banking passwords and one for your personal passwords).

You can then use use the Windows home sharing feature (in Win7) and share the .kdbx file for your banking passwords with a certain computer at home.

I would usually use a separate (specially created) email account where I would upload my personal .kdbx file as a backup. You can use this method to share your Bank passwords database with a person who knows the username and password for the email service where you uploaded the .kdbx.

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