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I'm looking for a Firefox addon, compatible with the latest version, which closes all tabs, except some which I can select. So, if I have 40 Open Tabs, and I want to keep only 3 open, this addon should be able to close the other 37. Such an addon is: Unfortunately, this version is not compatible with Firefox 13. Do you know an alternative?

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Without add-ons, you can make use of App Tabs to close all but a few. Let's say you have n tabs that you want to keep open:

  1. Pin tabs Tab[1], Tab[2], Tab[3], ..., Tab[n-1] by right-clicking them and selecting "Pin as App Tab".


  2. Right-click Tab[n] and select "Close Other Tabs".


  3. Now, you will only have n tabs left (and any other older pinned tabs)! Right-click each newly pinned tab and select "Unpin Tab" to restore them.


Video Demonstration:

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How to Geek has some Hotkeys:

  • Ctrl + 1 activates the leftmost tab.
  • Ctrl + 2-8 will activate each of the tabs in order from left to right.
  • Ctrl + 9 will always activate the rightmost tab.

Note that these are specific to the Windows version. Replace Ctrl with Alt on Linux, or Win on the Mac.

Mutiple Tab Handler may be what are you looking for. Some feature are listed below:

Built-in features for selected tabs:

Close selected tabs
Close not-selected tabs
Reload selected tabs
Duplicate selected tabs
Pin/unpin selected tabs (Minefield/Firefox 4)
Move selected tabs to a group (Minefield/Firefox 4)
Move selected tabs to a new window
Bookmark selected tabs
Copy URIs/titles+URIs/HTML links for selected tabs to the clipboard
Save (download) selected tabs to the local disk

Extra features for general tab context menu:

Close right tabs
Close left tabs
Close all tabs include the selected tab
Close similar tabs (same domain) exclude the selected tab

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Those hotkeys don't work in Firefox 14. – Mechanical snail Aug 7 '12 at 9:05
@Mechanicalsnail hmmmmmm so I'm not responsible for that because when I posted this answer these were worked with FF 13, this is not a good reason to down vote. – avirk Aug 9 '12 at 5:16
@avirk I disagree that this is not a good reason to down vote. you should try to keep the answer updated, especially when pointed out by others. The downvote indicates that you should update the answer. – Sathya Aug 9 '12 at 5:45
Those hotkeys are working for me on a mostly vanilla copy of FF14.01 – Journeyman Geek Aug 9 '12 at 14:32
@Mechanicalsnail And I'm pretty sure it has, at least since version 3 on Windows, barring an extension blocking it :P. They are listed on an official Mozilla support page. – Bob Aug 10 '12 at 6:12

Yeah I second Multiple Tabs Handler.

Take a look at the following link too:

11 addons other than TMP to work with Tabs(Described)

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