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I've got access to my "own" FreeBSD jail. The jail has only basic, unconfigured system, but I have full access to FreeBSD ports, and (jail)root too. Now I need to setup my jail as IMAP/MTA.

The question: What packages are EASIEST for config and later administration, (the simplest possible setup, with the minimum needed configuration) when:

  • i haven't any preferences (don't know any yet)
  • my (one) domain is managed by ISP, so don't need DNS
  • need only IMAP for few users (up to 20 mailboxes)
    • need secure transport layer (IMAPS/993)
    • password auth, no LDAP, no kerberos, nor databases, nothing like fancy things...
  • need easy-setup easy-admin MTA, with
    • simplest possible password SMTP auth, (again no LDAP, nor DB),
    • secure transport layer
    • but would be nice have virus-scan
    • and some anti-spam protection

So, what ports I should install for MTA and IMAP?

  • MTA (Sendmail, Postfix, Exim)?
  • antivirus (ClamAV)
  • antispam???
  • IMAP(S), (Dovecot, Courier)

when the main criteria are: easy setup, and easy administration.

When I googled I found only complicated setups for thousands of users with LDAP, databases and so on - too big-caliber for my small (easy?) needs.

Any pointer to an easy howto is very welcomed.

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Have a look at iRedMail, which is an combination of several open-source programs and a management web interface. It is open source, but there is a payware Pro version of the web interface that offers more features.

If you don't mind DIY, this tutorial should help you get started.

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