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I'm searching for an application which reports that the computer is running. I imagine it in the form of two piece software. the first part, some kind of dashboard with list of active IPs, is on the server and awaits for information from remote hosts, the second part will be on clients and it will be reporting that client is working.

Do you know something like this, I'm searching for free application that is lightweight and does not require installation.

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What OS are you running on the server and the clients? What do you want to achieve with this? If you only want to know which machine is up running ping from the server will already tell you that. (Granted ICMP isn blocked by any firewall) And that doesn require any installation on the clients. It is probably also the most universal solution in terms of OS's. But it doesn immediately give you a nice graphical overview. So again please expand your question a bit. – Bram Jun 23 '12 at 9:41
Windows 7 (client and server), there is a firewall which blocks ping :(. I want to know which computers are up and which are down, I also want to know the ip of running machines – Darqer Jun 25 '12 at 0:44
@Darqer Why not try a stealth scan using Nmap if ICMP is blocked? You can do it online as well. Two websites that I know of that use Nmap and let you customize scan settings are and Make sure that the systems you're scanning are your own or that you're allowed to enumerate them or you may find yourself in trouble. – Vinayak Mar 12 at 21:01

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