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I will be giving my desktop to my brother soon. He is a gamer, so he has no need for a dual-boot Linux install. I can easily remove the Linux partitions and re size the Windows partition, but this will break GRUB, my current boot loader. I would simply use the Windows 7 CD, but I have misplaced it. How can I make Windows boot without the install media?

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Easybcd can replace grub with bcd (and chainloads grub). You can then delete the partitions as needed. I've also heard good things about visual bcd editor on SU chat, but i've not used it myself.

As a backup, you can also create a system recovery disk in the windows backup and restore menu. This would be a good time to back up your windows system in case something goes wrong as well! You can use the system recovery disk to fix your bootloader. Microsoft has full instructions with a video here

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Thanks! The Windows rescue CD worked like a charm. For reference, here are the commands I used at the command prompt once the CD was booted: BootRec.exe /FixBoot BootRec.exe /FixMbr – Sean W. Jun 29 '12 at 23:09

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