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How can I force Chrome to open all links in the current tab?

Does anyone know if there is an extension for that? It's very annoying that every time I click on links they are be opened in new tabs.

I want it acting like Safari does – just opening the links in the current tab unless I press Cmd when clicking the links.

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There is an extension called OpenHere that will do this. It will add the option in the right click context menu Open in This Window. Just right clcik on the link you want to open in the same tab.

Edit in response to comment:

You can do it with AutoHotkey. You have need to download it and install it on your PC. After that just copy the code below and save it with a .ahk extension.

SetTitleMatchMode, RegEx
#IfWinActive, - Google Chrome$
        KeyWait, Alt  
        Click, Right  
        SendInput, e  
        ControlFocus, Chrome_OmniboxView1  
        SendInput, ^a{Backspace}  
        SendInput, ^v{Enter}   

Now when you press Alt + LClick, it will copy the link to the clipboard and past it in the address bar of Chrome. Just press the button and click and release with the click and the link will open in the same tab.

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Thanks for helping Avirk! but I am actually looking for a method that can change Chrome's behavior when I left click on the links, it will show up in the current tab instead of opening in a new tab. Just like Safari does. – george chang Jun 23 '12 at 18:51
@georgechang check out the updated answer. However Chrome works much differently form the Safari so the LClick will not work directly. – avirk Jun 26 '12 at 1:21
Thanks for the answer again. But I am using Mac, so I think it is a hopeless case to me...... have to switch back to Safari i think..... – george chang Jun 27 '12 at 12:34

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