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Hi i have installed windows 7 on my 2 year old ASUS EEE PC 1000HD. The default Operating system it came with was windows xp. Now the system is working fine but there are some display problems which i am going to state now: Firstly, during booting windows 7 logo is missing. There are no options for resolution changes. The only option possible is 800x600. The boot time is quite long when compared to xp. The graphics driver used in this system is STANDARD VGA GRAPHICS ADAPTER. The processor is intel celeron with 1GB RAM. I think with these requirements it is possible to get windows 7 with finer resolution. But why these problems are occurring?I even tried to install graphics driver provided by intel for this system. But i ve got the error message "this system doesn't meet the necessary requirements". So how to overcome this problem??

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