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I use multiple Firefox profiles (in a single machine). Occasionally I come across a FF extension that I would like to make available over all these profiles. I understand that the way to do this is to run:

/path/to/firefox -install-global-extension /path/to/extension.xpi

I have several related questions. First

Is there a FF extension that provides an interface to this command that is as convenient as the "standard" interface.

(By "standard interface" above I mean a button or hyperlink that, when clicked, causes the download and installation of some extension for the current profile only. I'm looking for the same convenience for installing extensions globally.)

If my Google results are to be trusted, I imagine that the answer to the question above is no. In this case, my second question is:

Is there a way to streamline the process of downloading (without installing) an extension's *.xpi file?

Again, here I just want to have something as convenient as the "standard interface". In this case it would be to replace the "install" behavior or the "standard interface" with a "download only" behavior.

(I would then use a home-grown script to run the command mentioned above on each of these downloads.)


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A simple way to download extensions would be to use a browser that does not support xpi files. Since it does not know what to do it will prompt to download them.

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