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Is there a way of restoring any changes the user makes to their documents (and restrict access to the C: drive) upon logoff/logon and impose a time limit for the users session and log them off after the set time limit?

I'm looking for a easy way of doing this where i can change the settings if i ever needed to without alot of effort.

The computers in question are running Windows XP/Vista.

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You can use Windows SteadyState to do this. It can impose time limits, restrict access to folders/files and stop the execution of applications to name a few features.

It's reasonably user friendly, you can basically select a user then configure limits for that user.

More information about features here as the Microsoft page about it now 404's as it was discontinued in late 2010.

Update: Download link is here. Click Direct download link (its below the large green download button) if you'd rather not install CNet's download application.

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