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How do we install/integrate CSS tag list in ubuntu 12.04, so that we can get the info of tags in the gedit text-editor?

Where to get the tags xml files from ? and where to place them ?

Does anyone have the relevant information?


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The !2.04 Precise Pangolin gedit default plug-in list release is crippled and amputated.

The robustness, reliability, integrity, consistency, ... of 12.04 ... NOT!

some refs.:

does not have "Tag List" (see first image)

contrary to the documented (see second image)

Gedit >> Edit >> Preferences >> Plugins >> Help >>

gedit Plugins
Configure and use gedit Plugins

which states:

Default gedit Plugins
  Change case
    Change the case of selected text
  Document statistics
    View document statistics
  External tools
    Sort lines of text into alphabetical order
  Spell-check your document
  Tag list
    Automatically insert tags, strings and special characters into a document

Gedit plugin list


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