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Let's say I have a path to a folder in a text document or in the clipboard, for example:


How can I quickly open this folder in Mac OS X? In Windows I could open the Run-dialog, paste the path into the input box and the folder would open.

Is there a similar way in Mac OS X?

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Yes, there is. In the Go menu, choose Go to Folder… or press ⇧⌘G. and paste in your path. It will throw an error if the folder does not exist, or the path points to a file. Note also that it opens in your current window, so if you want to Go in a new window you will have to open that window first.

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If you are working at the command line try

$ open <path>

with the bonus that it also opens files in the default application that is set for them.

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If it is a network path, go to finder and click CMD + K then type smb://servername/drive/file

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A bit late to comment, but the smb:// made all the difference! – jackJoe Jul 15 '13 at 16:21

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