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I recently installed Windows 7 and it was fine for a few weeks however now it hangs when I try to shut it down so I have to hold the power button to turn it off.

This issue started a few days after i had installed AVG and I didn't install anything else after that.

I tried some hot-fixes that were on Microsoft's website however none of them had made any difference. I also tried using system restore to take it back before I had installed avg however that didn't make any difference so I'm not sure what to do now.

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1.perhaps it is because there is not driver installed and my advice to install intel driver rapid storage technology.

if the number 1 still fails please try the solution below

2.If the computer problem as it often happens, restart the computer by using the restart button, to go back into Windows. While Windows is active, try to perform the following steps:

A. Select Disable Error Reporting setting. One way that Windows hangs when system errors occur is to select the setting disable error reporting system. The trick is to run the Control Panel [Start> CorrtrolPanel] and then double-click on the icon [System] tab and click the [Advanced> Error Reporting]. Select the option [Disable error reporting] to disable error reporting action.

B. To do modifications to the hung-up by editing the Windows registry using Regedit. Use the [Start> Run ...] and type [Regedit]. Select the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop. Right-click the [HungAppTimeout] and select [Modify]. HungApp time to modify, change the value data box, then click OK and reboot to your Windows to run the changes have been made​​.

C. Another way is return the BIOS to its default setting, there may be a setting that interferes with the process

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Also, you can try to restore the system files from the boot option

Try looking through this article for detail walkthrough

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Can you add more information to your post please? If you could explain why this fixes the issue and expand on how to do what you suggest would make a better answer. – Cfinley May 21 '15 at 20:18
changed the answer to include a hyperlink – Eric Liu May 21 '15 at 20:31
Can you add in the relevant parts of the link into your answer? We ask this to help the OP out, so they will not have to search through information that may not pertain to them. This is also to preserve the relevant information in case the hosting site goes down. For more information, see this meta post. – Cfinley May 21 '15 at 20:32
I know, I know. I keep asking you to do things. I swear we have reasons for it. If you have any questions, just let me know. – Cfinley May 21 '15 at 20:33

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