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I got this error , I dont what is issue ?

sudo vpnc
vpnc: Error binding to source port. Try '--local-port 0'
Failed to bind to Address already in use

On Ubuntu

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vpnc is sometimes a bit buggy. first, always check whether an instance of vpnc-connect or vpnc is running by doing:

ps aux | grep vpnc

if there is, kill it with kill and the process id you get on the second column.

i personally always use vpnc-connect instead of a direct call to vpnc (anyway afaik on most system, it's a symlink to vpnc).

could you post your config file? Located under /etc/vpnc/default.conf and /etc/vpnc.conf (remember that you cannot read them as normal user)


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Sounds like something else is already using port 4500 try using netstat to find out what


If you want to see Routing Tables,all open ports,all listen ports

netstat -nr

-n means return numeric output (ie, IP address instead of hostname)

-r means print the routing table

find all open ports

netstat -a

find listening ports

netstat -l

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This just happened to me;

in my case reason was another vpn client installed (Shrew Soft Ike) and auto-starting at start-up.

Try to catch if some other vpn client is running (in my case, ps -e | grep ike), kill it and configure it to start only when required.

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