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I'm using Media Player Classic Homecinema in a setup where it plays on one screen, while I'm trying to ALT-TAB between two applications on the other screen. Unfortunately, MPC keeps moving to the first place in ALT-TAB dialog although I didn't focus it.

This doesn't happen with other programs, and it also didn't happen with MPC until I switched to Windows 7. It also didn't happen in Vista.

I tried toggling MPC's "On Top" preference, but it had no effect on ALT-TAB order.

Anybody else experiencing this? It's utterly annoying.

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Download Ultramon.

After you install this, all your windows will have +2 new icons like in this picture:

alt text

Use the second icon to switch the window between screens, this should do the trick because this app will record your windows position.

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How will Ultramon help with the tab order? I have no problems moving windows between screens. – Domchi Nov 17 '09 at 12:02

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